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The Gin

A unique gin with Mirabelle and alvarinho distillation base to own estates in Rias Baixas, juniper, and essential to our selection of plants such as coriander, licorice, gorse, lemon …

Ginabelle belongs to an exclusive category of gins, fruity gins, a result of natural fruit distillations.

Its 11 distillations make it complex and structured.


Gin fruity with predominantly Mirabelle and Albariño, with marked floral aromas,that hide a juniper background and citrus notes with balsamic.

These are nuances of fine fruits that make Ginabelle unique for an exclusive and refined cocktail or a perfect Gin & Tonic.

We recommend serving with a touch of orange.

Discover more of our favourite ways to enjoy Ginabelle

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We harvest our mirabelles in July, at the optimum moment of maturation, we let start fermentation and add grain alcohol. After 15 days of maceration we distill twice.

After the September harvest, after two months we distill Alvarinho lees twice.

We individually distill each of our five main botanicals: juniper, gorse, coriander, licorice and lemon, to add later and do two more distillations.

Finally let stand for 6 months before being bottled.

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