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Albariño, our grape by excellence

Brought to Galicia by Cluny monks around the twelfth century in his pilgrimage through the path of Santiago, this grape has shown a perfect fit to the Baixo Miño.

The process control throughout the year from our plantations up to their distillation allows us to extract its full potential: fruity, fine and distinct flavors, which give the Ginabelle its fresh and fruity taste.

Mirabelle, refined and exclusive

Originating from the German Black Forest, this variety of plum adapted perfectly to the area of O Rosal.

Its marketing as fresh product only lasts 1 day and the summer is their big moment. In mid-July it comes to his harvest, reaching the point of sale immediately… and ending almost as fast as it appears.

It’s independently distilled to give Ginabelle that aroma and typical characteristics that make it unique.

Know a little more about our gin

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